Component Societies

Society Presidents
Australian Psychoanalytical Society Timothy Keogh
Belgian Psychoanalytical Society Christine Franckx
Belgrade Psychoanalytical Society Svetlana Mudric
British Psychoanalytical Association David Simpson
British Psychoanalytical Society Rosine Perelberg
Croatian Psychoanalytical Society Stanislav Matacic
Czech Psychoanalytical Society Luba Brezinova
Danish Psychoanalytical Society Maria Fitger
Dutch Psychoanalytical Society Annemarie de Wit                                  
Finnish Psychoanalytical Society Eija Repo
French Psychoanalytical Association/APF Claude Barazer
German Psychoanalytical Association/DPV Valérie Bouville
German Psychoanalytical Society/DPG Klaus Grabska
Hellenic Psychoanalytical Society Sotiris Manolopoulos
Hungarian Psychoanalytical Society Agoston Schmelowszky
Israel Psychoanalytic Society Judith Triest
Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association Ferhan Ozenen
Istanbul Psychoanalytic Association for Training, Research and Development (Psike Istanbul) Gokhan Oral
Italian Psychoanalytical Association/AIPsi Giovanna Ambrosio
Italian Psychoanalytical Society/SPI Anna Nicolo
Madrid Psychoanalytical Association Mercedes Puchol
Moscow Psychoanalytic Society Vitalij Zimin
Norwegian Psychoanalytical Society Erik Stänicke
Paris Psychoanalytical Society/SPP Clarisse Baruch
Polish Psychoanalytical Society Agnieszka Leznicka-Los
Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society Luisa Branco Vicente
Psychoanalytic Society for Research and Training (SPRF)  Patrick Miller
Psychoanalytic Society of Serbia Marija Vezmar
Romanian Society of Psychoanalysis Alfred Dumitrescu
Spanish Psychoanalytical Society Maria del Valle Laguna Barnes
Swedish Psychoanalytical Association Björn Sahlberg
Swiss Psychoanalytical Society Bernard Reith
Vienna Psychoanalytical Association August Ruhs
Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, WPV Hemma Rössler-Schülein

Provisional Societies

Moscow Group of Psychoanalysis Elena Bederova
South African Psychoanalytic Association Elda Storck
Vilnius Society of Psychoanalysts Aurelija Markeviciene

Study Groups

Society Presidents
Bulgarian Psychoanalytic Society (BPS)

Dimo Stanchev

Estonian-Latvian Psychoanalytical Society Erika Saluveer
Lebanese Association for the development of Psychoanalysis (ALDeP) Mona Chahoury Charabaty
Portuguese Nucleus of Psychoanalysis (NPP) Fatima Sequeira
Ukraine Psychoanalytic Society Mykhaylo Pustovoyt