La fédération des sociétés psychanalytiques en Europe. Le forum d'échanges scientifique et institutionnel.

La Fédération Européenne de Psychanalyse (FEP) est la fédération scientifique de toutes les sociétés psychanalytiques européennes et des groupes d'étude appartenant à l'Association Psychanalytique Internationale (API). Créée en 1966-1969, elle compte aujourd'hui 43 sociétés avec près de 5500 membres et 2500 candidats dans 32 pays où 27 langues sont parlées.


The 37th EPF Annual Conference is held in Florence from 22 to 24 March. The conference argument, programme, and all information are here.

Florence 2024: Présentations soumises

Lisez dès maintenant les textes des conférences qui ont été soumises pour Florence.

Aperçu du programme

The Florence conference programme at a glance is here. Click on the link below to see or download it.

NQAS 2024

The New Member Seminar is now the Newly Qualified Analysts Seminar. However, the organisation of this seminar remains unchanged...

The Case of Odysseus

10th Delphi International Psychoanalytic Symposium invites you to a pre-symposium online presentation and discussion of Michael Parsons’ paper Where is the Stranger at Home? The Case of Odysseus...

EPCUS 2024

October 3 – 5, in the EPF House, Brussels.

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EPF Societies

The innovative website section with the direct participation of the societies, which includes...

Le Livre Rouge

Un manuel sur la FEP – le "Livre Rouge" contient les informations de base sur la FEP, sa structure et ses activités.

EPF House


Since late 2015 the EPF has its own house, situated in the Rue Gérard in Brussels. The House is open to all members and candidates of EPF societies. You can visit it during smaller EPF conferences, some of the EPF working groups meet here. House Gérard can also host other meetings aiming at European/international collaboration.

Événements futurs

BPA Introductory Lectures

Psychoanalysis: Key Concepts and a Contemporary Perspective

Online (Zoom)

Jan. 10 – Jul. 3, 2024

Society Event

The dynamics of influence

British Psychoanalytical Society, Edinburgh Conference


Apr. 27, 2024

Society Event


84e Congrès des Psychanalystes de Langue Française


May. 9 – 11, 2024

Society Event

The EPF Bulletin

Number 77 / 2023

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