Journals of the EPF Societies – Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the EPF Bulletin

The EPF Bulletin Psychoanalysis in Europe was launched in 1972 with the following words of Peter Hildebrand, the first general editor:

“We shall try to initiate discussion and encourage controversy…”, “…we also wish to provide a forum in which ideas can be expressed”.

That first issue had 16 pages, was produced on a typewriter and photocopied, a yellow paper cover was added, and the complete issue was then stapled together. Over the years, the Bulletin became a testimony to the development of psychoanalysis in Europe.

General editors:

Peter Hildebrand (1972-1976), Daniel Widlöcher (1978-1980), T. Eskelinen de Folch (1980-1988), Alex Holder (1988-1996), Gabriele Junkers (1996-2000), Eike Wolff (2000-2004), Jordi Sala (2004-2008), Dieter Bürgin (2008-2012), Ursula Burkert (2012-2016), Charlotta Björklind (2016-2020) and Jasminka Šuljagić (2020-[2024])

We are preparing to mark this anniversary with a celebration during the Annual Conference in Vienna on July 14th, following the Welcome reception, in the MAK - Museum of Applied Arts.

For now, we would like to present to you the journals of the EPF Societies.