Since 1986 there has been a desire to establish a fully functioning EPF archive, with a recognition of the importance of securing the EPF’s history both for operational and research purposes. However, progress since then has unfortunately been sporadic, lacking a clear structure to support these aims.

Initiated by the Executive and the General editor Jasminka Šuljagić, at the EPF Council meeting in November 2023, a general agreement was reached that the EPF archives should be formally established and supported by a management framework. The EPF archive committee have been designated.

The members of the Archive Committee are:


Jasminka Šuljagić, Chair

Christine Dierks, Member

Ewan O’Neill, Archivist, MSc (City Lond), RMARA

Frank Goderniaux, Administrative assistant to the EPF-FEP Executive


The EPF archive committee will set out and communicate a series of policies covering as a minimum, the following areas:

  • Developing its collections
  • Managing information about its collections
  • Using and accessing its collections
  • Caring for its collections

More information will follow soon.