24/2/2021: IPA-Price for the Covid-19 Crisis Commission of the Madrid Psychoanalytical Association

The Covid-19 Crisis Commission of the Madrid Psychoanalytical Association has been awarded the Second Prize for Community by the IPA and its Health Committee in 2020. This honor was given in recognition of the work that this project has carried out, both on behalf of the community and of the field of psychoanalysis during the world pandemic. The prize values, in particular, the speed with which the Commission was established and its support of private citizens and medical staff, bringing together both members of the IPA and analysts in training to offer rapid interventions at no cost to the patients.

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23/2/2021: "The guests of the Ego. Identifications and disidentifications in the psychoanalytic clinic"




First Edition, 2018

Place of Publication: Madrid.

Publisher: APM–Biblioteca Nueva

158 pages. ISBN 978-84-17408-01-5




Identification is a concept that runs through psychoanalytic theory like a guiding thread, and is a basic notion for understanding the structuring of the subject. We confront the complexity of identification through the development of the psychoanalytic process; identifications manifest themselves in different ways in the patient-analyst link within the process known as transference. And it is in this part of the relationship where the interplay of identifications and disidentifications arises, leading to the creation of new identifications.

One goal of analysis is the possibility of deconstructing those identifications that alienate the subject. These questions are considered throughout the chapters of this book, which compiles a series of articles by prestigious contemporary psychoanalysts working in this area. Among them are:  Maurizio Bálsamo, Thomas Ogden, Ruggero Levy, Luis Kancyer and Rachel Blass, with an introduction by Teresa Olmos de Paz.

Teresa Olmos de Paz, psychoanalyst, is the former director of the Institute of Psychoanalysis and is a full member, with training functions, in the Madrid Psychoanalytical Association, of which she was president from January 2017 to December 2019. She is also a member of the Forum for Adolescent Psychoanalysis of the European Federation of Psychoanalysis. Among her publications are, notably: Structures and/or borderline states in children, adolescents and adults (with Carlos Paz and M.L. Pelento), Volumes I–II–III. She has been published in national and international psychoanalytical reviews, particularly The International Journal of Psychoanalysis. She received the first Annual Psychoanalysis Book Prize in 1992.


7/2/2021: The South African Psychoanalytical Association (SAPA) wins the Sigourney Award 2020

The South African Psychoanalytical Association was one of the four recipients of the 2020 Sigourney Award for the advancement of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic thought. This is an important acknowledgement of the SAPA's contribution towards enhancing diversity and inclusivity in the increased reach of psychoanalytic thought, education, training and treatment in Africa. 

For those colleagues who are interested, here is a link to the press release of the Sigourney Trust: https://www.sigourneyaward.org/newsandevents/2021/1/11/press-release-for-the-sigourney-award-2020


6/2/2021: Book "Dear Candidate..."

Edited by Fred Busch

First edition, published 2020

eBook: Published 24 November 2020

Pub. Location London

Imprint Routledge

Pages 194

eBook ISBN 9781003106487

In this first-of-kind book, senior psychoanalysts from around the world offer personal reflections on their own training, what it was like to become a psychoanalyst, and what they would like most to convey to the candidate of today.

With forty-two personal letters to candidates, this edited collection helps analysts in training and those recently entering the profession to reflect upon what it means to be a psychoanalytic candidate and enter the profession. Letters tackle the anxieties, ambiguities, complications, and pleasures faced in these tasks. From these reflections, the book serves as a guide through this highly personal, complex, and meaningful experience and helps readers consider the many different meanings of being a candidate in a psychanalytic institute.

Perfect for candidates and psychoanalytic educators, this book inspires analysts at all levels to think, once again, about this impossible but fascinating profession and to consider their own psychoanalytic development.

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30/01/2021: "Contemporary Kleinian Psychoanalysis" in Bulgarian

The book Contemporary Kleinian Psychoanalysis is the first systematic presentation of Kleinian psychoanalysis to the Bulgarian reader, published in January 2021. 

All the papers were translated by members of the Bulgarian Psychoanalytic Society, and Svetlozar Vassilev is the editor and author of the preface and introductory part.  

This is a valuable collection of papers that reflect the collaboration between Kleinian psychoanalysts in Britain and Europe, on the one hand, and their Bulgarian colleagues on the other, which has developed over many years.  Its content will be of interest to all who are interested in contemporary views of the unconscious, internal objects, the Oedipus complex, projective identification, transference, and countertransference. The authors are divided into two groups - the first consists of world-renowned British experts such as Hanna Segal, Patricia Daniel, Edith Hargreaves, Robert Hinshelwood, Eileen McGinley, and Cyril Couve. The second are psychoanalysts from Europe such as Antonia Grimalt (Spain), Synnove Wallin (Sweden), Ilva Fligar (Sweden), Orlin Todorov (Bulgaria) who integrate Kleinian ideas into clinical practice and the culture of their countries. 

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3/9/2020: Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna is reopened

On August 29, the doors of Berggasse 19 opened to visitors again after 18-month of renovation and reconstruction.

The “birthplace of psychoanalysis”, where the famous physician, psychoanalyst, and thinker Sigmund Freud lived and worked for nearly half a century, offers a modernized and enlarged museum infrastructure, including a new foyer, shop, and café, all made wheelchair accessible. Europe’s largest library of psychoanalysis is newly renovated and serves as a platform for research and communication.

The architectural concept was developed by Atelier Czech, Walter Angonese, and ARTEC Architects. 

Three new permanent exhibitions, a presentation of contemporary art at the Showroom Berggasse 19, and a new special exhibition all inform on Freud’s multi-faceted cultural heritage. They provide a wide range of information on Freud’s life and work, on the historical development of psychoanalysis and offer critical perspectives on its current issues, including its importance for society and the arts. The history of the house Berggasse 19 and the fates of its inhabitants from 1880 to date will be presented in the newly constructed stairwell.

Sigmund Freud Museum looking forward to your visit! Learn more about the safety measures for your visit, buy tickets online and get more information about permanent and special exhibitions on the museum website: https://archiv.freud-museum.at/en/


2/9/2020: FEPAL Manifest "Against Violence. Against Structural Racism and in Defense of Democracy and Human Rights"



26/07/2020: The Empty Couch: Love and Mourning in Times of Confinement

The Empty Couch: Love and Mourning in Times of Confinement 

A film created by Rosine Jozef Perelberg

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This film is an homage of the British Psychoanalytical Society to frontline workers of the National Health Service (NHS), and to the solidarity expressed by psychoanalysts during these difficult times.





16/07/2020: 400 Italian psychoanalysts faced with the reality of Covid

Anna Maria Nicolò Italian Psychanalytic Society - SPI

In March 2020 the Italian State decided to lock down the whole nation because of the Covid-19 epidemic. In Lombardy especially, the wealthiest region in the country, the daily update announced a terrifying increase in cases and deaths. The intensive care units of one of Europe’s most industrialised regions were unable to accommodate new patients and it was whispered that health workers were being forced to choose who had the right to be admitted, which meant privileging those who were likeliest to survive. Televisions and newspapers bombarded audiences with their announcements of the worsening defeat by an invisible enemy never imagined before. The population was terrified and confused. Some colleagues had already contracted the virus, and most of us had started to work remotely...

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27/05/2016: Frontier Psychoanalyst Radio: Politics, society and the individual

Podcasts episodes 1-7

David Morgan presents

Members of the British Psychoanalytic Society in discussion with guests from Academia in conjunction with Resonance 104.4 FM and on the web and on replay on the station website a programme bringing complex thinking to contemporary socio-political concerns and dilemmas.
Some of Britian’s leading psychoanalysts examine the relationship between psychoanalysis and politics, it asks whether psychoanalysis can help us understand and how we might come to terms with the urgent issues of these troubled times. David Morgan, David Bell, Sally Weintrobe, Phillip Stokoe Jonathan Sklar are joined by discussants to examine whether psychoanalytical insights can illuminate the relationship between social and economic forces and the individual psyche; whether the theoretical insights developed in the clinic are applicable to issues of power, ideology, rationality and control.