26/07/2020: The Empty Couch: Love and Mourning in Times of Confinement

The Empty Couch: Love and Mourning in Times of Confinement 

A film created by Rosine Jozef Perelberg

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This film is an homage of the British Psychoanalytical Society to frontline workers of the National Health Service (NHS), and to the solidarity expressed by psychoanalysts during these difficult times.





16/07/2020: 400 Italian psychoanalysts faced with the reality of Covid

Anna Maria Nicolò Italian Psychanalytic Society - SPI

In March 2020 the Italian State decided to lock down the whole nation because of the Covid-19 epidemic. In Lombardy especially, the wealthiest region in the country, the daily update announced a terrifying increase in cases and deaths. The intensive care units of one of Europe’s most industrialised regions were unable to accommodate new patients and it was whispered that health workers were being forced to choose who had the right to be admitted, which meant privileging those who were likeliest to survive. Televisions and newspapers bombarded audiences with their announcements of the worsening defeat by an invisible enemy never imagined before. The population was terrified and confused. Some colleagues had already contracted the virus, and most of us had started to work remotely...

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27/05/2016: Frontier Psychoanalyst Radio: Politics, society and the individual

Podcasts episodes 1-7

David Morgan presents

Members of the British Psychoanalytic Society in discussion with guests from Academia in conjunction with Resonance 104.4 FM and on the web and on replay on the station website a programme bringing complex thinking to contemporary socio-political concerns and dilemmas.
Some of Britian’s leading psychoanalysts examine the relationship between psychoanalysis and politics, it asks whether psychoanalysis can help us understand and how we might come to terms with the urgent issues of these troubled times. David Morgan, David Bell, Sally Weintrobe, Phillip Stokoe Jonathan Sklar are joined by discussants to examine whether psychoanalytical insights can illuminate the relationship between social and economic forces and the individual psyche; whether the theoretical insights developed in the clinic are applicable to issues of power, ideology, rationality and control.