Vilnius Society of Psychoanalysts

Vilniaus psichoanalitikų draugija


Psychoanalysis has gained recognition in Lithuania since the country regained its independence in 1990.   Vilnius Society of Psychoanalysts, founded in 2007, played a crucial role in developing and promoting psychoanalysis in Lithuania. It offers training and educational programs for professionals and hosts events to increase public awareness and understanding of psychoanalysis.

Members, Candidates

Data for 2023:
Training analysts 7
Analysts 7
Candidates 18

Short History

After Lithuania regained its independence from the Soviet Union, several people - the first generation of future psychoanalysts - went to Finland to study psychoanalysis. After his studies, one of them, Stasė Meškauskienė, returned to Lithuania and continued his work developing psychoanalysis in Lithuania, contributing to the growth of a new generation of psychoanalysts. The second generation of psychoanalysts studied in Amsterdam also at the Han Groen-Prakken Institute for Eastern Europe. Since 2011 Vilnius Society of Psychoanalysts has offered training in Vilnius.

Founded 2007
IPA Study Group since 2009
IPA Provisional Society since 2017
IPA Component Society

Training Institute

Training model: Eitingon


The training committee was established in 2010. The training program was launched in 2011.
The training program is affiliated with Vilnius University.