British Psychoanalytical Society


The British Psychoanalytical Society has around 500 members and is a UK wide and international community of professionals, dedicated to helping people enhance their lives through psychoanalysis.

Members, Candidates

Candidates: 50
NES Candidates: 7
Members 0-3 years: 40
Members 3+ years: 124
Retired Members: 40
Fellows: 154
Retired Fellows: 39
Distinguished Fellows: 11
Retired Distinguished Fellows: 3
International Distinguished Fellows: 2
Guests: 47
Clinical Associates: 10
Academic Associates: 7

Short History

Founded as the London Psychoanalytical Society by Ernest Jones in 1913, the Society was renamed the British Psychoanalytical Society in 1919.

Founded in 1913
Founding Society of the IPA

Training Institute

Eitingon Model

The Institute of Psychoanalysis is the outward face and training body of the British Psychoanalytical Society.

Free clinic / Councelling

The Clinic of the Institute of Psychoanalysis offers subsidised low fee psychoanalytic consultations and analysis with our Candidates.


Special scientific / clinical / outreach activites

Regular scientific meetings and programme of Outreach events including online webinars and courses

Cooperations with other Institutions, Universities, etc. 

We are part of the EVP. We host a joint Visiting Professor with Essex University, work closely with Birkbeck University and others.