19 June 2023

Revue Belge de Psychanalyse

The Revue Belge de Psychanalyse was founded on June 10, 1982, under the impulse of Dr Maurice Haber, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst.

The journal celebrates its 40th anniversary today, in 2022.

Its objective is to develop and discuss psychoanalytic theories and practices but also to confront them with a renewed reflection on the place of psychoanalysis and what is at stake in view of the profound changes in society and the individual in the face of technological, economic, social, ethical, and environmental developments. It is published twice a year and currently has 80 issues.

The issues have a particular theme but also have a section for articles outside the theme.  

Editorial Board: Katy Bogliatto, Cathy Causanschi, Jeannine Delgouffre, Marie-Paule Durieux, Blandine Faoro-Kreit, Jacqueline Godfrind, Isabelle Maisin, Jean-Paul Matot, Annick Pairon, Marianne Van Bourgonie

Director: Blandine Faoro-Kreit

Web site : https://psychanalyse.be/aprp/la-revue/

Contact : rbp@aprp.be

Address of the journal : Revue Belge de Psychanalyse c/o Maison de la Société Belge de Psychanalyse, 49 rue Emile Claus, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgique

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