14 June 2023

Le présent de la psychanalyse. Journal of the Association Psychanalytique de France (APF)

Le présent de la psychanalyse (The present of psychoanalysis) is a bi-annual journal started by the French association APF in 2019.

As the title suggests the idea is to demonstrate how psychoanalysis remains relevant, alive and vibrant in today’s world: psychoanalysis is not a thing of the past.

Around a main theme, the journal is built around papers written by our analysts, showcasing their work.  We also ask outside contributors for papers inspired by our theme. Furthermore each issue publishes important essays from the past written by our society members that have not been published externally.

The editorial board consists of APF psychoanalysts and changes every two years.

Editorial board:

Jacques André, Claude Arlès, Isée Bernateau, Dominique Billot Mongin, Sarah Contou-Terquem, Mathilde Girard, Bernard de La Gorce, Françoise Laurent, Estelle Louët, Françoise Neau, Martin Reca, Caroline Thompson, Mi-Kyung Yi

Directeur of the editorial board : Jacques André

APF – 24, place Dauphine, 75001 Paris (tél. : +33 1 43 29 85 11). Website: associationpsychanalytiquedefrance.org

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