19 June 2023

Bulletin of the Moscow Psychoanalytic Society

The first issue of the Bulletin of the Moscow Psychoanalytic Society (MPS) was published in 2014. This year, in 2022, the 9th issue of the Bulletin will be published.

In the beginning, we clearly understood that while Russian public – psychologists, teachers, parents and other interested readers - tends to comprehend psychoanalysis, there was  still a significant lack of psychoanalytical knowledge.

On the other hand, we realized that it is very important for a young MPS to reflect on its own development in psychoanalysis. The topics of articles that crystallize in the daily clinical work of a psychoanalyst become a visible imprint of this work, both for the author and for readers.

The following is written in the preface to the first issue of the Bulletin.

"The collection of articles by members and candidates of the MPS presented to your attention can become a crosscut of modern Russian psychoanalysis for the reader. At the same time, the Bulletin is a kind of guide among various psychoanalytic trends, both implicitly presented in the authors' articles and also declared as the theoretical platforms of psychoanalysts. We also hope that the Bulletin can perform a synthetic function by combining a variety of psychoanalytic views and approaches into a single space."

Since 2015 the Bulletin carried 1-2 articles by foreign psychoanalysts who helped in the formation of our society, with whom we have a long-standing friendship.

Editorial Committee of the Bulletin (Editorial board)

Natalia Kholina, Marina Agracheva, Tatiana Alavidze, Marina Arutyunyan, Igor Kadyrov, Ekaterina Kalmykova, Natalia Kigai, Irina Korneeva, Elena Misko, Evgeny Raisman, Alexander Uskov.

The editor–in-chief is Natalia Kholina


Tel.: +420775517979

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