Round table with Arnaud Desplechin


We are pleased to welcome Arnaud Desplechin to the EPF Annual Conference on the theme of "Illusions". Desplechin’s place is totally appropriate for the conference this year, firstly because his work deals with themes that are of great interest to psychoanalysts, and secondly because of the way his film "Jimmy P.", (based on the book "Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian" by George Devereux), illuminates a renewed interest for his work. Devereux, best known in France as the founder of ethnopsychiatry, was an open-minded person with many interests. "From Anxiety to Method in the Behavioural Sciences” proposes that the counter-transference is an indispensable tool for any researcher in the human sciences, so that psychoanalysts will find stimulating insights in "Ethnopsychanalyse complémentariste the specificity of their science. Likewise this Round Table offers an important dialogue between different disciplines.

Joëlle Picard

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