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Links to humanitarian aid

UNHCR link:

and their instructions for refugees

Linktree verified organizations provoding urgent help to the people of Ukraine:

Fundacja Ocalenie (Rescue Foundation) - helps refugees on the eastern border of Poland Belarus and now Ukraine

Polish Humanitarian Action This is an organisation that has been helping people all over the world for many years. It is well organized and has procedures for how to do this effectively.

And here is another article about relief efforts by the Ukrainian community in Vienna, Austria:

Information from the Vilnius Society of Psychoanalysts

  1. Accommodation for host families: tel. 1827,
    National Volunteer Support Coordination Center  
    This center helps Ukrainian people with accomodation.They organise transport to Lithuania from Polish border, they will find where to stay in Lithuania and help with migration documents.
    Coming to the Polish border you need to fill out the form on their website.
  2. Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania
    Information for Ukrainians and their families, current issues as well as emotional support during the crisis:
  3. The members and candidates of the Vilnius Society of Psychoanalysts would like to be contacted by the Ukrainian colleaguesarriving to Lithuania, and willing to help

The Psychoanalytical Society of Serbia

offers therapeutic and consultative help: please write to where the mails will be distributed to the members experienced in a specific field.

The Ukrainian Psychoanalytic Society

formed a Committee which has the task to connect the need of help and proposition of help.

The head of this Committee and a contact person is Maria Budya. Her email is

The contact person for the financial questions is Michael Pustovoyt (UPS ex-President)

Société Psychanalytique de Recherche et de Formation (SPRF / France)

SPRF contact person for Ukrainian colleagues fleeing to France :

Colleagues (and their families) in need of help with accommodation or other forms of support may contact the Secretary of the SPRF:

Email to: