Bulletin 77

This issue of the Bulletin mainly consists of texts from the 36th Annual Conference, ‘Illusions – Illusionen – Illusions’, which was held in March 2023, in Cannes.

The theme of Illusions has encompassed various perspectives, many authors emphasized social questions and the times in which we live, some bring to the fore reflections about clinical work and analytic technique or the double function of illusion in psychic life. The link between art and illusion is also considered, and a small number of papers try to preserve a metapsychological approach. Part of this issue is the text The French Model: SPP, APF, SPRF by Hélène d’Avout, SPRF President, Clarisse Baruch, SPP President, and Dominique Suchet, APF President.

This is the last number of the Bulletin within the work of the 2020-2024 Executive and we would like to wish all the best to the new Executive, the next General Editor Claire-Marine François-Poncet, and to all of you as the Bulletin’s authors and readers.

Jasminka Šuljagić, General Editor