1. The Council is responsible for the administration of the Federation. It shall meet at least twice a year.
  2. The Council is charged with the realisation of the aims of the Federation. It makes policy decisions and initiates and carries out activities of the Federation. Decisions of the Council shall be binding on the Federation.
  3. The Council is the representative of the Federation in all dealings with the IPA and other organisations.
  4. The Council is the agent of communication between the Federation and the Member Societies.
  5. The Council shall receive and take action on reports and recommendations submitted by the Executive or by individual Officers or by Council members. It shall also consider issues presented by individual members, associate members or candidates of Member Societies or associated Study Groups.
  6. The Council may call for a general postal referendum on important issues. The results are not binding on the Council.
  7. The admission of Societies and associated Study Groups to the Federation shall be determined by Council in accordance with the procedures laid down in the By-Laws.
  8. The Council has the ultimate responsibility for the finances of the Federation. It receives and acts on the Treasurer's reports and recommendations and it establishes the amount of the annual per capita subscription.
  9. The Council shall receive nominations for President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Editor and shall proceed to the election of these Officers in accordance with the procedures specified in the By-laws. The President shall appoint the Secretary, subject to the approval of the Council.
  10. In the case of a vacancy arising on the Executive owing to the resignation or death of a member, the Council shall make arrangements to fill the vacancy, following the procedure specified in the By-laws.
  11. The Council has the power to modify the Constitution in accordance with procedures laid down in Article 13.
  12. The Council shall have the power to terminate the membership of a Member Society if, in its opinion, the Member Society fails to abide by the Constitution. Procedures for this action are laid down in Article 14.
  13. The Council is empowered to dissolve the Federation in accordance with procedures laid down in Article 15.