September 24, 2018                                                            

To the Presidents of the European Psychoanalytical Societies


Crowdfunding Freud Museum Vienna


Dear colleagues,

today we want to inform you about a campaign for the restoration and modernization of the Freud Museum in Vienna which has been started by our Viennese colleague Dr. Bettina Reiter. We as EPF Executive ask you to support this campaign and we attach the following information:

The Freud Museum is facing a major refurbishment and modernization and as a private foundation it has to raise about one third of the necessary sum of 4.3 million €.

The campaign of Bettina Reiter focuses on the library of the museum, which is the largest psychoanalytical library in Europe and was initiated by Anna Freud. This library will be presented in new, larger and better equipped rooms and will also have several workstations besides an event hall. You can get an overview of the project here:  


The campaign has set itself the goal of collecting € 100.000 by the end of the year. Here is the link to the crowdfunding project: 

We attach great importance to this project and therefore we ask you to forward the call for donations to your members.

Thank you very much!

With kind regards

Jorge Canestri, President

Heribert Blass, Vice President

Eva Schmid-Gloor, Vice President

Martina Burdet, General Secretary

Katy Bogliatto, Treasurer

Charlotta Björklind, General Editor

The Sigmund Freud Museum needs our support

Dear colleagues,

Sigmund Freud is the most cited scientific author in the world. 
Berggasse 19 in Vienna is the most well known address in the world.

It is also the location of the largest psychoanalytic library in Europe, initiated by Anna Freud in 1971.

The Berggasse Museum will undergo a substanial renovation until 2020.

The library at the museum is part of the project and will turn into a modern centre for study an research, including an event hall. You can have a look at the project here: Blogpost Sigmund Freud Museum 2020

The Berggasse Museum needs our support - public funds cover only two thirds of the costs.


Freud's works are the starting point of modern psychotherapy - Berggasse 19 is a seminal centre of psychoanalytic identification. Let's work together to save the Berggasse library and transform it into a modern centre of knowledge and study.

Thank you very much for your support!

Kind regards,
Dr. Bettina Reiter