We begin life in the mysterious space of the maternal body and within the temporality of evolutionary biology. The oscillations between the objective temporal dimension, which organizes life through universal instruments like clocks or calendars, and the subjective temporality shaped by individual’s perception and sensation add further space and volume to psyche beyond the borders riveted by geographical coordinates.

At the beginning of his psychoanalytic journey, the idea that ‘the hysterics suffer mainly from reminiscences’ underpinned Freud’s theory by referring to the traces of the past echoing within the present. Toward the end of his life, he defined space as the “projection of the expansion of psychic apparatus”. Beginning with the timelessness of the unconscious, psychoanalysis has been constructed within its sine qua non, the setting, and has come a long way as to finally include the encounters of experiential spaces in current practices. Through the dynamic line of continuity shaped by the gravitational force of emotional truths that are hard to withstand, the analysand and the analyst  meet each other in a passage that will render the impossible possible both in the shared time of Kronos and in the telescopic time of the unconscious. As Bion says, 'But, good heavens, what would happen to us if I couldn’t blind myself to sidereal space or space time when I want to tell my time by my watch?'

How the changes in time and space, both objective and subjective elements of the setting, are experienced in analytical process and what do they reveal? Which meanings do we create in a certain time and space design? We hope you will join us on December 10 th and 11 th, 2022 at the symposium Psychoanalytic Views 16 to reflect together upon time and space, which constitute groundwork for psychoanalysis since its beginning.

‘And time future contained in time past.

If all time is eternally present

All time is unredeemable.’

                                                   T. S. Eliot


Guest Speakers

Rosine Jozef Perelberg

Rudi Vermote

Stefano Bolognini

Güven Güzeldere


Scientific Board

Refhan Balkan (Chair)

Aslı Kuruoğlu

Banu Büyükkal

Berrak Ciğeroğlu

Işın Sayın Tamerk


Organising Board

Jülide Kenar (Chair)

Burçak Erdal

Çağla Pınar Sevinç Yalçın

Esra M. Dedik

Gönül Üretme