Dear colleagues, 

I have attended IPA congresses without fail since 2001. My reasons to attend range from the scientific content that a congress offers to the feeling of belonging to an international psychoanalytical community. I have also been involved in the organisation of these congresses at various stages; bringing the 2005 congress to Rio de Janeiro, acting as chair of the scientific programme for the Boston congress, being the president of two congresses (a position that falls to the IPA vice-president), in London and this one in July. So, I would like to describe a little about what you can expect from this congress which has been organised by many different groups, IPA colleagues and staff, to celebrate our scientific community. 


We will be studying The Infantile: Its Multiple Dimensions, a concept that embraces numerous aspects of psychoanalytic theory and practice. Over 400 psychoanalysts from around the world will present and discuss their ideas over 9 days of congress. 

We will start with our opening ceremony, featuring our guest speaker, Siri Hustvedt, who is one of today’s most renowned writers. The first draft of her presentation is simply divine! By listing ideas about the concept of boundaries ("in between") from philosophers, psychoanalysts, writers and artists, Siri guides us to the infantile roots. 

Our keynote speakers are Glen Gabbard, Bernardo TanisBonnie Litowitz and Jorge Canestri (his paper will be read by Heribert Blass, EPF President). Each of them will have their paper discussed by two senior analysts. It is the traditional way of introduction to the main theme: The Infantile. The link to the full programme is available here

In addition, we will have 18 daily activities with panels, discussion groups, clinical exercises, individual papers, posters, and films during the 8 days of the congress, distributed in 3 timeslots per day.  

You will be able to set up your own congress agenda in advance, with most content available on-demand, in addition to 60 pre-recorded activities. This feature will provide you with more time to plan your agenda, so if you have other commitments during the congress, you’ll still be able to watch all of the presentations. 

There are a number of sessions which will be available with simultaneous interpretation into five languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. 

Throughout the congress, attendees will be able to schedule and host their own private 1-2-1 or group video calls with other attendees. These can be scheduled at any time directly within the attendee hub. Do you know that feeling of wanting to talk to someone who is at the same table as you? Well, we will have a tool to make this meeting happen! 

  And, of course, this is the last activity of this Latin American administration. Hence this special invitation! 

For those who have never been able to go to an IPA Congress, I think it is worthwhile to register. If on one hand we have a serious mental health situation (which affects us all), which has greatly increased the demand for treatment, we also need to discuss the changes that have occurred in the last year or so. The stress caused by the pandemic, remote treatment, remote training, among other very relevant issues.  

If I have encouraged you to see more of the congress, the registration link is available here 


Sergio Nick, IPA’s Vice-President