6th European Psychoanalytic Conference for University Students – EPCUS

BODY - Psychoanalytic Perspectives


As Freud started in 1923 the ego is first and foremost a bodily ego. The positition of the body in psychoanalytic thinking has remained from those times on, and later contributions have led to a further enhancement of the thinking of the body.

Contemporary psychoanalysis is based on the assumption that processes of change in psychoanalysis are not based solely or primarily on the exchange of words, but on an interpersonal encounter with the physical presence of two partners, and the analysis of unconscious, multimodal transference processes in this discrete encounter. Thus, the currently used mutative concepts of container, contained and containing also metaphorically emphasize the “corporeality” of the processes of exchange in the analysis, which are especially essential in regressive states that are often not accessible to linguistic expression.

This year the European Psychoanalytic Federation will organize the 6th conference for students and relatively recent graduated professionals around this theme of the “Body”. Like previous years we will address this topic from various perspectives, from basic theoretical considerations to the clinic in which vignettes of analysis with patients are presented. From old times to modern times, the impact on the clinic due to the Covid 19 pandemic which forced many of us to change to analysis via online. From the developmental perspective of the developing body from birth to childhood and puberty, to the developmental disturbances in expressing mental content leading to illness in the psychosomatic situation. From embodied memory to the body in the art of Giacometti.

Participants come from all over Europe and sometimes from more distant countries as well. Our presenters are all well known in their field and also stem from various countries. We, as members of the organizing team would like to welcome you at this year conference.


Jan Abram (UK), Rudi Vermote (Belgium), Jasminka Šuljagić (Serbia), Catalina Bronstein (UK), Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber (Germany), Teresa Olmos da Paz (Spain), Thomas Opperman (Germany), Charlotta Björklind (Sweden), Marina Perris (UK), Fotis Bobos (Greece), Alex Janssen (Netherlands).




If you have questions, please contact members of the EPCUS team: Alex Janssen: a.m.janssen@xs4all.nl, Martin Teising: teising@t-online.de, Jasminka Šuljagić: jasminkasuljagic@gmail.com, or Mercedes Puchol: mpuchol@futurnet.es

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When: Thursday, 30th September - Saturday, 2nd of October 2021