25-28 August 2022, Delphi

The European Cultural Center of Delphi


Dear colleagues,

We are in the process of organizing the program of the 9th Delphi International Psychoanalytic Symposium and we would like to ask you to send us, by the end of October the latest, your propositions and the title of your lecture, concerning your participation to either a round table, a workshop or free papers.

If you have a colleague you desire to speak together, please let us know.

The abstract of the papers should be sent by the end of November. (info@delphipsychoanalyticsymposium.gr)

The propositions will be discussed in the Organizing Committee and we will inform you accordingly.

Here you can see the link of the 9th. Symposium : http://delphipsychoanalyticsymposium.gr, in which the program and all the relative information will be gradually added.

Warm regards,

The Organizing Committee

Click here to go to the website of this Symposium which will be actualized constantly.