The Contemporary Freudian Tradition of the British Psychoanalytical Society

Listening to the interplay between his hysterics’ bodies and minds first took Freud to the unconscious. Now the psychoanalytic body comprises two conceptualisations: the libidinal body, the site of sexuality, narcissism and aggression, and the soma, the biological organisation manifested in illness and pain. Drawing on contemporary British and French thought and detailed presentations of the clinical encounter with the bodily, this conference explores how, through the analytic process, both soma and body achieve psychic figuration.

Speakers: Don Campbell, Sara Flanders, Francois Louw, Marina Perris-Myttas

Chairs: Marilia Aisenstein, Rachel Chaplin, Rosine Perelberg, Joan Schachter and Megan Virtue

Fee: £195 (includes Saturday lunch and evening reception). First 30 students and candidates: £140

The conference takes place in London and is open to members and candidates of the International Psychoanalytical Association and members and candidates of member organisations of the British Psychoanalytic Council. Students wishing to attend need to be sponsored by a BPC registrant.

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