Part One: From the Bulletin


This new project of online seminars has arisen from the preparation of this year's Bulletin issue https://www.epf-fep.eu/eng/bulletin/74.

Scientific Seminars Part One will include dialogues between authors whose previously published papers and their new reflections on those writings has been published as a collection in Bulletin 74. The texts have been chosen according to their connection with the current moment and the times we are living in.

Three seminars are planned to be streamed by March 2021, which will be followed by Seminars Part Two, also from the EPF scientific life and work.


Only for the IPA members and candidates, free of charge.


Seminar 1

"Discontinuities, aliveness and theorisation"


Welcome by Heribert Blass, EPF President



Christine Diercks, Vienna Psychoanalytic Society

Michael Parsons, British Psychoanalytical Society

Bernard Chervet, Paris Psychoanalytical Society



Jasminka Šuljagić, EPF General Editor


19th December 2020,  6 - 8 pm CET (18h00 - 20h00)




Please, before the seminar read the following texts:

- Dis-Continuities - from Bulletin 62, 2008, Bulletin 74, 2020

- Why Did Orpheus Look Back? - from Bulletin 61, 2007, Bulletin 74, 2020

- The Après-Coup: Form and Formlessness in Dream-Work and Unconscious Formations. The Formal Regression to Formlessness and the Manufacturer of Forms - from Bulletin 67, 2013, Bulletin 74, 2020

- Notes from the Authors, Autumn 2020, Bulletin 74, 2020