The 2023 “Movement and Cognition” is being partnered  with UCL (University College London), Birkbeck College, and the Clinical Neuroscience Section of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Both organizations have long histories:  UCL was established in 1836 as a secular alternative to Oxford and Cambridge and it is now ranked 22nd in the world. UCL is part of the University of London along with Birkbeck, Imperial, St. George’s and UCL Medical Schools, and the London School of Economics, among others. Obviously, we are proud to have this partner with us.

The Royal Society of Medicine was founded in 1773. Being the hosting club and the public stage for leading figures in Science and Medicine (Charles Darwin, Eduard Jenner, Sigmond Freud, Jean-Martin Charcot, Sir Alexander Fleming, Thomas Edison and others)  created by Royal charters granted by King William (IV) and King Eduard (VII), the RSM today is one of the United Kingdom’s leading organization which provides continuing education for healthcare professionals.

We are honored to have their Clinical Neuroscience section sharing with us the tasks and goals of this conference.

The conference will be held on  16-18 June 2023 in the main building of the UCL campus (located at the center of London), and it is open to all with relevance to and interest in  Brain, Movement and Cognition.


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