Bulletin 76

The anniversary issue 76 of the EPF Bulletin ‘Psychoanalysis in Europe’ consists of 47 texts, mostly from the 35th Annual conference ‘Ideals – Idéaux – Ideale’, with plenary papers by Gregorio Kohon, Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Paola Marion and Denys Ribas. The papers from EPF Forum on Education ‘The Place of the Candidates’ written by Megan Virtue and Denys Ribas are also presented.
Celebrating the anniversary of the Bulletin, the presentation ‘Fifty Years of the EPF Bulletin’ by the previous and current EPF General Editors: Gabriele Junkers, Eike Wolff, Jordi Sala, Dieter Bürgin, Ursula Burkert, Charlotta Björklind, and Jasminka Šuljagić is published.
The cover page for this issue has been adjusted regarding colour and the EPF logo to re-establish the original visual standards of the EPF, created in 1996 by Hartmut Brückner, a professor of design from Bremen.