05 May 2024

Why Apply?

Recipients of The Sigourney Award join a notable community, garner international recognition for their work, and receive a substantial cash prize.

If you are considering submitting your work or know of work that might qualify to win The Sigourney Award-2024, we encourage you and your colleagues to watch videos of past recipients' work for inspiration. In 2023, the award-winning work synthesized psychoanalysis with other disciplines and sought to mitigate human suffering based on sexual and gender identity, race, or religion, and oppression by authoritarian regimes.

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Work eligible for The Sigourney Award-2024 includes:

  • Work completed between 2014-2023 that substantially contributed to psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic thought
  • Innovative, insightful, or groundbreaking work that advances the understanding or positive influence of psychoanalytic thought and principles
  • Work by individuals, teams, or organizations from all regions across the globe


Applications Due July 31, 2024.

Visit the Apply  page today for tips on how to apply. You may apply in more than 100 languages from anywhere in the world!