10 November 2023

The Sigourney Award 2023 Recipients

Distinguished judges evaluated submissions from an exceptional pool of global applicants, and four recipients’ work merited the prestigious award. Please join us in congratulating them.

(in alphabetical order)

Vittorio Lingiardi, MD (Rome, Italy)
Dr Vittorio Lingiardi’s pioneering work in psychodynamic diagnosis and LGBTQ+ issues demonstrates an ability to bridge the gap between the richness and complexity of psychoanalytical clinical practice and the need for empirical soundness; all the while finding novel ways to extend psychoanalysis’ reach.

Rosine Perelberg, PhD (London, England)
Professor Rosine Perelberg’s open-minded work coalesces psychoanalytic thought and social anthropology expertise to offer a forward-looking framework for the understanding of temporality, sexuality, and antisemitism.

Daniel Pick, PhD (London, England)
Professor Daniel Pick’s engaging and interdisciplinary work has investigated how psychoanalytic thought has been mobilized to face some of the most dire political challenges of modern times.

Virginia Ungar, MD (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Dr Virginia Ungar’s leading-edge work in “the feminine,” and in child, adolescent, and adult analysis, coupled with her leadership achievements in transforming current and future psychoanalytic training have significantly impacted the future of psychoanalysis.

The work submitted this year demonstrates so well that psychoanalysis is vibrant as it explores both traditional and innovative philosophies while incorporating complementary disciplines. — 2023 Sigourney Award Judge

Robin Deutsch, PhD, Analyst Co-Trustee, The Sigourney Award Trust and Barbara Sherland, JD, Attorney Co-Trustee applaud the groundbreaking work achieved by the recipients and offer thanks to all who shared their own incredible work for consideration.

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