11 May 2022

The Sigourney Award

The Sigourney Award honors outstanding psychoanalytic work worldwide. Recipients of The Sigourney Award join a notable community, garner international recognition for their work, and receive a substantial cash prize.

Work eligible for The Sigourney Award-2022 includes:

  • Work completed between 2011-2021 that substantially contributed to psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic thought
  • Innovative, insightful, or groundbreaking work that advances the understanding or positive influence of psychoanalytic thought and principles
  • Work by individuals, groups, or organizations from all regions, across the globe in 150+ languages via Google Translate

Dates: Applications open from March 1, 2022 – July 31, 2022

Link: How to Apply — The Sigourney Award

Busting Sigourney Award Myths

Unsure if your work is eligible for The Sigourney Award-2022? Over the years recipients, nominees, and supporters have asked questions about The Sigourney Award, the prize that honors outstanding psychoanalytic work worldwide. Our hope is to dispel any misunderstandings about Mary Sigourney's intent for The Sigourney Award. Read on to dispel common misunderstandings about the prize.

Myth 1:  I can't win the Award until I've worked for 20+ years.

The Sigourney Award has never been a lifetime achievement Award. In fact, Mary Sigourney specifically required that eligible work must be accomplished within 10 years of the Award year. For 2022, only work completed between 2011– 2021 can be considered.

Myth 2:  I can only apply every three years, in English.

There is no longer a geographic rotation for applications. Organizations, groups, and individuals may submit work for consideration from any place in the world, in any year, and in more than 150 languages (via our online translation).

Myth 3:  My work must be nominated for the Award.

You do NOT need a nomination to apply. Nominations are welcome, however all applicants, whether the work is nominated or submitted directly, complete the same application process to help ensure the Award process is equitable. Use the Nomination Form to nominate the work of an individual, team, or organization.

Myth 4:  The Sigourney Award is limited to a particular form of psychoanalytic treatment whether it be academic, clinical, or applied.

The truth: The Sigourney Award Trust recognizes outstanding work that:

  • brings innovation to the field of psychoanalytic treatment or theory and/or;
  • applies psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic principles to other fields and disciplines including anthropology, arts and humanities, law, medicine, philosophy, psychology, and social justice and/or;
  • uses psychoanalytic principles to transform the human experience for the better.

If you believe your work or that of another individual, team, or organization is deserving of The Sigourney Award, please visit or share this page: How to Apply — The Sigourney Award. Applications are due by July 31, 2022.