02 May 2023

Sigourney Award - Help dispel the myth

Help Dispel the Myth


Over the years, the The Sigourney Award Trust has learned that certain myths about The Sigourney Award persist. We're sharing Mary Sigourney's intent with you and asking you to share it with others.


The Sigourney Award is limited to a particular form of psychoanalytic treatment whether it be academic, clinical, or applied.

Mary's Intent:

The Trust recognizes outstanding work that:

  • brings innovation to the field of psychoanalytic treatment or theory and/or;
  • applies psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic principles to other fields and disciplines including anthropology, arts and humanities, child development, criminology, law, medicine, philosophy, and sociology and/or;
  • uses psychoanalytic principles to transform the human experience for the better.

Are you aware of work that may qualify for The Sigourney Award? Share our How to Apply page with the individual, team, or organization or nominate them directly!

Applications Due July 31, 2023