30 January 2021

"Contemporary Kleinian Psychoanalysis" in Bulgarian

The book Contemporary Kleinian Psychoanalysis is the first systematic presentation of Kleinian psychoanalysis to the Bulgarian reader, published in January 2021.

All the papers were translated by members of the Bulgarian Psychoanalytic Society, and Svetlozar Vassilev is the editor and author of the preface and introductory part.  

This is a valuable collection of papers that reflect the collaboration between Kleinian psychoanalysts in Britain and Europe, on the one hand, and their Bulgarian colleagues on the other, which has developed over many years.  Its content will be of interest to all who are interested in contemporary views of the unconscious, internal objects, the Oedipus complex, projective identification, transference, and countertransference. The authors are divided into two groups - the first consists of world-renowned British experts such as Hanna Segal, Patricia Daniel, Edith Hargreaves, Robert Hinshelwood, Eileen McGinley, and Cyril Couve. The second are psychoanalysts from Europe such as Antonia Grimalt (Spain), Synnove Wallin (Sweden), Ilva Fligar (Sweden), Orlin Todorov (Bulgaria) who integrate Kleinian ideas into clinical practice and the culture of their countries.

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