18 October 2023

10 years of the PSS Summer Schools of Psychoanalysis

PSYCHOANALITICAL SOCIETY OF SERBIA (PSS), SUMMER SCHOOLS OF PSYCHOANALYSIS - the first one in 2014 and the 10th jubilee in 2023

Psychoanalysis summer schools organized by the PSS have started as the part of the EPF project in 2014. Since then, 10 Summer Schools have been held under these titles:   

I SCHOOL 2014. Discovering the unconscious; II SCHOOL 2015. Paths and obstacles in personality development; III SCHOOL 2016. A small guide to psychopathology; IV SCHOOL 2017. Sexuality and aggressiveness of the modern era; V SCHOOL 2018. Internal and external reality; VI SCHOOL 2019. Metamorphoses of Love: Psychoanalytic Perspectives; VII SCHOOL 2020. Psychoanalytic bridges, spaces and secret passages; VIII SCHOOL 2021. Psychoanalysis in a Changing World; IX SCHOOL 2022. Meeting of man and nature - challenges for mental health; X SCHOOL 2023. Is it finally time for constructiveness?

The first six were held in the countryside of Serbia, 7th and 8th were online due to the Pandemic and 9th and 10th were in Belgrade. The first six were under the EPF project with financial support and the last four were under PSS own financials.

The aims of the Summer Schools of Psychoanalysis are: to strengthen the position of psychoanalysis in the region; to increase the number of prospective candidates for training; to inform the broad audience about psychoanalysis. They have contributed greatly to the growing interest in psychoanalytic training and the increasing number of PSS candidates.

Till now there have been 480 participants, 135 lectures, 15 panel discussions and 60 discussion groups.

The monograph entitled "Contemporary psychoanalysis - selected texts" is being published for the 10th Summer School organized by Psychoanalytical Society of Serbia. This monograph is a collection of papers/lectures by domestic psychoanalysts who were active participants of the traditional Summer Schools of Psychoanalysis. It is related to a wide range of topics, from the prenatal period and in vitro fertilization, early development, adolescence, psychopathology, group dynamics, all the way to the reflection of psychoanalysts regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and contemporary social issues.