BPA Introductory Lectures

Psychoanalysis: Key Concepts and a Contemporary Perspective

Online (Zoom)


This series of lectures introduces fundamental psychoanalytic ideas and explores a range of topics in greater depth. Delivered by BPA Psychoanalysts, presentations are followed by a group discussion.

The series is organised so as to build up a systematic knowledge of the field over two academic terms or self contained lectures that can be attended individually.

Whether you already have some understanding of psychoanalysis or are simply curious, we hope that these lectures convey a sense of contemporary psychoanalytic thinking as well as what it is like to practice as an Analyst in 2024.

Wednesdays 8 – 9.30pm

The lectures will be held on Zoom.

Chair: Dr Catherine McKisack.


Lecture Topics, Structure & dates, Eligibility, Fees, Contact, Registration: https://www.psychoanalysis-bpa.org/training/pre-training/introductory-courses/