EPF Finances

Each event must be preliminarily budgeted (including the proposed participation fee). The budget must be approved by the EPF Treasurer and/or the Executive and/or the Council. The Treasurer must be informed of any proposed additions to the approved budget in all instances, whether these imply a possible loss or not.

Every EPF activity should be basically self-supporting.

The EPF covers any losses incurred as well as benefits fully from the profits, unless there is a prior agreement with the organizing Psychoanalytical Society whereby both profits and losses are shared.

Dues to the EPF

Each Component Society, Provisional Society and Study Group has to pay the fee decided by the Council.

Since October 2008, the fees are 95 euro per member and 25 euro per candidate. The fees include the subscription to the EPF Bulletin.

Any member paying dues to his or her Psychoanalytical Society is considered to be fully participating in the EPF dues.

For members who do not pay dues to their Society, no money should be paid to the EPF. They may subscribe to the Bulletin for 25 euro.

Anne Rosenberg, October 09

Claiming of Costs

The EPF Claim Form

Download here the claim form in Word format

The EPF claim form must be used to claim refund of expenses: it should be sent to the Treasurer within one month after the event.

The EPF Council has created a number of rules governing reimbursement. They are to be found in the Rules and Procedures and are designed to be fair and to reduce work. The EPF treasurer does not possess secretarial staff, which is one way we keep costs down. To make it all possible, it is vital you follow the rules and fill out the claim form properly, without the need for correspondence and calculation. If forms are not filled in properly the Treasurer has been asked NOT TO ACCEPT A CLAIM.


  1. Please be sure that you fill in everything that is asked on the claim form. There are some general rules:
    • The form must indicate the name and date of the event you attended.
    • Separate meetings require separate claim forms. Only one form per meeting is acceptable.
    • Receipts (proof of payment) must support all expense claims.
    • Flight tickets must be Economy tickets only (not Premium Economy).
    • Train ticket cost must not exceed that of a standard 2nd class ticket
    • Should the entire trip be made by car, a reimbursement of 0,40 €/Km will be provided.
    • Hotels will be refunded for bed and breakfast only to a maximum of Euro 180.00 per night.
    • Ground transport will only be refunded to a maximum of Euro 120.00 for all the costs of getting both to and from the airport in your home country and in your destination country. This may well make it impossible to use taxis for all journeys.
  1. Please note that the number of nights for which you may claim must be agreed in advance. Members of Working Parties and the Executive will be advised what is appropriate for the particular meeting. Council members will be reimbursed for TWO nights for the November Council meeting and ONE night for the Spring Council meeting - which occurs at the time of the annual conference. If there is any need to stay longer due to airline schedules (etc) then permission must be sought from the treasurer IN ADVANCE.
  2. Forms filled in incorrectly or that are not clearly readable will mean a delay in reimbursement and possibly a diminishing of your reimbursement, at the discretion of the treasurer.
  3. Claims must be received in the same calendar year as the event for which you claim.
  4. Account Number, Account Name, IBAN number and SWIFT CODE appropriate to your account should be obtained from your bank – payment will be made in EURO directly to your bank from the EPF bank.
  5. All claims should be calculated in Euro’s and will be paid in Euro only.


A) Council meeting:

  1. In case of participation in a Council meeting, not attached to a EPF-Congress, the following expenses will be reimbursed:
    • Two nights hotel with a maximum of Euro 180,00 per night (including breakfast).
    • Travel costs (train: 2nd class, and airplane: Economy ticket only (not Premium Economy).
    • Taxi costs (up to Euro 120,00 per total trip).
  1. In case of participation to a Council meeting combined with an EPF Main Congress, the following expenses will be reimbursed:
    • Only one night hotel costs can be claimed (that is, the night preceding the Congress) up to a maximum of Euro 180,00 per night, including breakfast.
    • Travel costs (train: 2nd. class, and airplane: Economy ticket only (not Premium Economy).
    • Taxi costs (up to Euro 120,00 per total trip).

B) Working Parties:

With agreement of the WP Chair and within the WP budget:

  • Hotel (up to 180 euro per night, including breakfast), only one night for a WP taking place before the EPF Main Conference.
  • Travel costs (train: 2nd class, and airplane: Economy ticket only (not Premium Economy).
  • Taxi costs (up to Euro 120,00 per total trip).