The CCM Association Conference 2017

Friday 9th to Sunday 11th June 2017 

 at the Vienna Psychoanalytic Academy (Vienna, Salzgries 16/3)

At some point or another most psychoanalysts believe it useful find ways to talk to their patients so that things the patient is unwilling or frightened to know become more apparent to them – terms like unconscious, splitting, repression, disavowal are often used to describe what patients do not know and/or how they go on not knowing. Buthow do we come to know what a patient is not aware they know?  What sort of things do analysts think their patients do not know or are unwilling to know? How and why do analysts set about trying to make patients aware? What is working through, does it fit in here and how is it achieved?

In Vienna in 2016 we had three examples: a patient who couldn't bear to know he felt vulnerable, little and frightened or that these feelings make him behave in an omnipotent and controlling way; a patient who couldn’t bear to know how much he felt dependent on his analyst and a patient whose analyst thought her patient could not tolerate any interpretation about his relationship to his analyst and so felt this had become a "no go" area.

Clearly, how and what to interpret is central to psychoanalytic work and justifies further reflection. We will do this in the workshops and the meeting will also contain plenary sessions in which moderators will explore this topic further. We hope all present at the meeting will join in. If any participant wants to present or circulate a short paper they can also do so. Please contact us.



We begin at 2pm on Friday 9th with a first plenary devoted to discussion of the progress of the project in 2017 – setting out for those who are new the two step method and reflecting on its evolution, the role of the workshop groups, the work of the moderators and what we are finding out about talking to patients about things they don't seem to want to know. Every participant will be in a workshop group for four sessions discussing a presenter’s case. We break at 7.30pm on Friday and have a long lunch break Saturday before a further plenary. Groups end at 6.30 pm and there is an optional outing in Vienna. There are further workshops on Sunday morning before an opportunity for evaluation and feedback.


Moderators 2017

Dana Birksted-Breen (British Psychoanalytical Society); Olivier Bonard (Société Suisse de Psychanalyse); Georg Bruns (German Psychoanalytical Association); Anna Christopoulos (Hellenic Psychoanalytic Society); Michael Diercks (Vienna Psychoanalytic Society); Eike Hinze (German Psychoanalytical Association); Marinella Linardos (Italian Psychoanalytic Association); Regine Prat (Paris Psychoanalytic Society); Jordi Sala (Spanish Psychoanalytic Society); Michael Sebek (Czech Psychoanalytic Society); David Tuckett (British Psychoanalytical Society).


The CCM method

- originally developed as part of the European Psychoanalytic Federation's Ten Year Scientific Initiative involves structuring discussion in steps - ordinary clinical discussion focused on the presenter's work in the sessions, close focus on the function of each of the presenter's interventions (Step 1) and construction of the presenter's working model of psychoanalysis (Step 2). These formulations are then further discussed in the moderators' group some months later and the overall thoughts fed back to the workshop group and the presenter.  

The 2017 meeting will mainly consist of moderated small group clinical workshops. They last about ten hours over a series of session in a small group and use the CCM method to discuss a presenter's work (usually two sessions) in depth.

The workshops are informed by the ongoing work of the CCM Association for the past sixteen years and large group meetings provide the opportunity for the thinking that has taken place in the moderators' group since the last year to be shared and discussed.



320 Euros for participants enrolled before January 31st 2017, 370 Euros thereafter.

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