3rd European Psychoanalytic Conference for
University Students – EPCUS

Title: Borders, Multiple Psychoanalytical Perspectives

4 – 6 October‚ 2018

The EPF House

Brussels (Belgium), rue Gérard 35

Over the last two years, the European Psychoanalytical Federation – EPF organized two conferences on psychoanalytic thinking and practice. The EPCUS conferences are aimed at university students who want to deepen their knowledge on psychoanalysis.

Students in psychology, medicine, humanities in general, or of any other academic background are invited. The recently qualified psychologists are also welcome.

The past two conferences were a success, the participants were enthusiastic in their evaluation, about the content and the atmosphere, where a true exchange of ideas and thoughts could be achieved.

Last year, the main theme was “Sexuality” and this year the title will be “Borders, Multiple Psychoanalytical Perspectives”.

The conference will deal with the themes on the early development of boundaries between me and not-me in childhood; borders between psyche and soma; between phantasy and reality; between consciousness and unconsciousness; on issues of keeping and respecting boundaries in the therapeutic relation and the risk of boundary violations; on boundaries in the relation between sexes, the #MeToo “movement”; boundaries in internet dating. The film presentation with the discussion will be organized too.

It will be an opportunity to engage with a lot of perspectives, attend lectures and discussions, and the possibility to exchange your own ideas and questions in an inspiring atmosphere.

Save the date!

The final programme will be completed before summer.

If you have questions, please contact Jasminka Šuljagic: jasminkasuljagic@gmail.com or Alex Janssen: a.m.janssen@xs4all.nl


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When: Thursday, 4th till Saturday, 6th of October 2018

Where: The House of the European Psychoanalytical Federation (EPF) in Brussels, rue Gérard 35