The EPF conference of 2017 is themed " The Familiar and the Unfamiliar " and takes place in the beautiful city of The Hague.

The president, the vice president and the general secretary of the EPF write in the argument for the conference:

« We chose this topic because presently, and within a very short period of time, Europe must face immense political, economical and cultural challenges, and bear the high potential for conflict that calls into question previously familiar social structures. Within Europe’s conception of itself cleavages and even ruptures have emerged, which not only affect the reflections and emotions of society as a whole, but of each individual citizen as well. » (Canestri, Blass and Burdet Dombald, 2016).

Here on the website you can find papers on this theme that will be presented during the conference. The papers are open to all registered users of the EPF website and to all participants of the conference.